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I had a dream that I was driving and as I came around a corner, there was a mountain side to the left of me and a lake in front of me so I needed to wind around the the mountain and follow the road. But ahead I saw something higher up in the skyline. There was a bridge straddling the lake and on either side were other mountains. Cars were driving across the bridge but I think only in one direction. It did not appear that the road I was on got there but it might have after some distance. Behind the bridge was a rainbow. And I immediately thought I needed to get onto that road. I said, “oh I need to be there.” Before I could assess if I could get there on the road I was driving on, I drove into the lake in front of me. I was alone in the car but it was clearly going to sink. I managed to get out but I had to make it to the surface of the lake. The dream ended as I made it to the top.