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Gold ‘n Silver note-Outside a handful of gifts willingly given (like vampyres being able to eat bread/food and smoke pipes) without ramifications, all of my talents, abilities, memories, power, etc. was taken under duress and threats. I had been beaten and gang-raped. They had tried to kill me and threatened the people I loved.

But then I remember how they got me to the hypnotists, in addition to the one on the base near the house, and how they got me to curse myself.

I can’t remember if they were horse pills or elephants but they wanted me to be as “big” as whatever tranquilizer they gave me and then said, “it’s the same thing we downed your wolf with.” He turned and quickly described two other times they had used them-including killing my giraffe–so long ago. This was after almost 5-days of complete sleep deprivation where I was being tortured every time I went to sleep, as well as subliminally.