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One day, after work, I was driving Madrona from Coupeville to Oak Harbor. As I came over the hill toward the Captain Whidbey Inn, there was a car parked in the street, facing my direction. I stomped on my breaks. There was impact but not enough to damage either car. Interestingly, the blonde driver was standing outside of the vehicle already. He wasn’t doing anything, just standing off to the side of the road, watching. There were two other people on the other side of the road. They looked a bit rougher, like perhaps homeless or living off the grid. It was a man and a woman. As I got out of the car, they both started yelling that I had been going too fast and it was my fault. I told them it wasn’t and that his car was obviously purposely parked in the street since it was facing the wrong direction and he was out of his car.

So I called the police. The driver begged me not to and said it wasn’t necessary. When the police officer arrived, the two other people slinked off and did not give a statement. The man’s information was taken and a report was filed but he wasn’t cited even though he was clearly parked in the road and facing my direction-which is illegal.

Interestingly, the year prior I was involved in a multi-car pile-up in Bellingham. We were stopped at a light and the car behind me was hit by a large, black truck with a silver animal grill on the front. Strangely, the insurance adjuster for my insurance (Matt) asked me if I knew the driver of the truck. He said that his name was Tom or Tim. I said no. I had not seen the driver and only got out of my car briefly.