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I had been told in the past that the longer I lived among humans, I would be closer to becoming one. Nothing in my scrolls speaks to this. Nor does it say I cannot work or live among the humans. Simply that I will have a vampyre mate and children. It does not state that harm will come to any of us or any word of me having to sacrifice anything-neither does the Akashic Record.

And, it stands to reason that if I would have to give up being a vampyre or anything else due to my association or proximity to humans, then so will all other supernatural beings and hybrids. So then it would simply be a world of humans.
This would include Eve with her longevity.

Since humans do not create original content or inventions but are more the worker bees, society and culture would likely regress. Bringing us once more to survival of the fittest.

Aren’t we fortunate that birthrights cannot be taken or given away-even under human law?