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From Gold ‘n Silver-Their equipment was not yet sophisticated enough to see everything that crossed ours brains and I did all I could to keep them out. She got right in my face and demanded to know what our symbol was. “Why do you need to know? You don’t need it and you will never be one of us.” “Oh my god. I wouldn’t want to be a vampire or part of your lame house.” “If our house is so lame, why are you trying to steal my story?” “Because it is interesting and will make me money. Lots of it.” “That still doesn’t answer why you need to know our symbol.” She looked confused. “It’s for merchandising right? We’re going to make bank off that, right?” She looked to the wannabe werewolf who had already stolen from me and helped arrange my gang-rape. He nodded. I told her it was a V. “A V? that’s it? Just a V? There is no way. Your kind are always doing something scrolly and fancy. Here, draw it for me. I want to know exactly what it looked like.” She handed me a pad of paper and a pen and I drew out exactly what they used for merchandising. And based on her interviews, I am guessing she never actually read the books.

That wannabe wolf would later use those same terms-scrolly and your kind. They obviously knew I was an actual vampire and they obviously already knew each other.

They probably kept her interviews to a minimum because she didn’t know what she was talking about, how the characters were created or what their motivations were. Because, you know, she didn’t write those books, I did. They were not supposed to change the manuscript. My thumbprint, blood and signature should still be on those pages. I was bled after and my body was attacked and altered but it will still match no matter how hard they try for it not to be. However, Franco was set-up to be killed by his own cousin and that’s his wife so I wouldn’t put anything past them.