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Having been gone for so long, I did not know what was happening in goth culture, human vampire culture, or even the culture of my true kinds. However, I never completely left, nor did I ever give up my spiritual practices. That being said I am diving back in to not only get re-acquainted but to also help my memory. Since I do not have my memories back, I will write what I do remember, even if not completely accurate at this time. So readers should know that these notes will be changed and updated as my memories return. It will be interesting to compare what I remember now to when the memories come back.

I have purchased but not yet read Father Sebastian’s book but I do not recall us having black swans outside of the humans who liked to hang out with vampyre and lacked classification since the vampyre did not want them called cows-we called these females swans.

Those who were designated as donors went through a ritualistic process of becoming a rose (flower). Some being the petals and some being the stems or stymen. I went through a ceremony to be marked as well but I was the root, the source-not a meal.