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When my third arm was ripped off of my back, the fake wolf-human wanted to use it to become a werewolf-which he could not do. He also tried to take my powers of divination but forgot that it must be a willing gift and regardless, they are but a taste. I retain all of my birth rites. Those can never be given to anyone else and certainly never to a human.

But I am sure they wanted me to stop being a witch so Ron and his wife could feel legitimate when they are not. And they wanted me to stop being a vampyre so that I would lose my scroll fate-not realizing that the scroll fate applies to me regardless of what I am since I am of the three. The arm gave them nothing. All of the “gifts” are gone as they were a taste not a permanent attribute and certainly nothing they could pass on. Then once I gave up my scroll fate they would turn around and say that I cannot receive my werewolf inheritance because I can’t prove I am a werewolf-not realizing I don’t have to as the inheritance is written in the scroll.

Humans don’t know the rules. Apparently, no one else did either because a human/hybrid cannot be their leader. They cannot be led by one with original sin. You are getting confused about human-hybrids and how they still function as humans on a certain level. I do not. I can never be made into a human. There is no part of me that is human and you could not change me even if I did. Humans are not part of our system. We do not follow the same rules or share the same fate. You are not entitled to who I am or what I have. I do not answer to you or your beliefs.

End even when your fake wolf-human tried to make me a human by forcing me to create an akashic record, it didn’t work. Both reflect a good life of power, fame, wealth and my scroll includes generational luck and wealth and good health. Seven children and my mate and nothing happens to them or us. We have everything-all the gifts. And it is not a matter of pride. It is a matter of inalienable rights.

What you gained you will lose. My original scroll fate stands.

Good thing I’m back.