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Some meaningful imagery from this morning’s episode of Tokyo Vampire Hotel.

I thought there had been a hotel we were called to. After meeting in that L.A. office. All of us going down in the elevator. Maybe it was blackmail used from the nights or days before. I vaguely remember Roger and I doing a photo like the one of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelley. We had to do lots of photos and I think a movie of some sort. Lots of cocks. I somewhat remember that. I can’t remember who it was forcing us but it couldn’t have been for jealousy-I would have been solo. They later found Roger. The humiliation suffered by me and other vampyre, but especially me, is completely inexcusable and will not go unpunished or unanswered for. It is our way. May they hope and pray for the future because it will not be one they shall see.