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Some stories have called him James and some Eric but ours is an eternal one.

I cannot remember if I had been seeing him or my “sister” had. He liked to play cards. I am guessing there was more. I liked to make him jealous. And it worked every time. Even if he was tripping on his own boots trying to save his rowboat as I or one of the others pulled it out to sea. Now I see they might have gotten to his stories as well.

We used to make love through a vestibule like the human belly button. Until under that moonlit sky when I pulled the skin down and exposed my legs for the first time. I stumbled out from the rocks to show him and instantly fell. I was not permanently released from the sea yet. And the next time he was all too eager to help.

Her, with her strawberry hair, and attention to him. All too willing to torture him a bit. She would tell me how boring he was but how she had nothing better to do than entertain him so she “kept an eye on him” for me. I watched from afar as he betrayed me regularly. Perhaps that is why I did the same to him the first chance I had. I knew she did not love him but she was determined to keep us apart. This king of the sea and prince of thieves had inspired me to lose my fins as well. And my whole family was going to make him pay for that.

She had managed to trick the great sea god into trasnforming her from a human to a mermaid. and when I got my legs, she got hers. She would try to bed anyone I loved or had interest in. Others followed, as did daughters of eve and even a couple of wannabe hybrid vampiresses.

I wonder how her life is in Edinburgh? There is still a handful here but that one will end her days upon their rocky shores and never fall into my shadow or block my light again.


The Wager by Delamare