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Dream last night, I was in a classroom and WHM was to the right of me. We were discussing something as a class and he made a comment about three people actually being one. I bent my head down toward the desk and tucked my head into my arm before looking at him to speak. I asked how exactly three people can be one. Another male mentioned Aphrodite. WHM then went on a little bit about Aphrodite and it was clear that he knew her mythology and about her triune but also about her different forms. I said, “see you do know.” He looked straight at me as he complained to the professor about my attitude and harassment. I stood up and said, “yes, I do know who you are, does 8-8-88 ring a bell? And no we are not going to have a total war.” Afterward, I was outside of the classroom first but could not find my car and as he came out he scoffed as though I had been waiting for him. He left in a car while I was picked up by van. I had to scrunch into the front seat with B.W. We went to my place and I could see that someone had unlocked the bottom lock to the back door but the deadbolt was still in tact. So either someone had gotten in and forgot to lock both or they had just unlocked the bottom.