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Dreamt I was in an office bldg shaped almost like the AWC revamped bldg but I never saw inside. I vampire with curly dark blonde hair shaped around his head like a crescent (with the top bald) came to me wanting to feed. His face looked like T.G. He was afraid of feeding with my son there so I looked for a person to watch my son but none could be trusted. As I walked around carrying him, he seemed to either be ill or asleep but did not feel dead. I was desperately looking for someone named Das. (Das-The/Das-Sad/Das-DOS). MS-DOS (Two manuscripts). My manuscripts stay with me. And they may like to know that I started to be called the Witch of Whidbey by kids at school and Oak Harbor townsfolk in 1984. People in Nevada called me it in 1991.

From what I recall-

Last night’s dream had a rattlesnake in it. I was not scared of it but a male placed a shield over it.

I was then at a lake with two females and at least one male. A female was carrying me on her back through the water but she was tall enough to walk in it. No water touched me. Both females were commenting on how good the water felt and how happy they were. They were walking in a part with tall green grass poking through and the male(s) was down a bit further near trees. I was taken over to a pier and waited for them. It got dark and, to my knowledge, they never returned.

The dream shifted to a house I was at with my dad. I think my son was there also. There was a brown dog in the backyard with two small black puppies. I could sense something outside. The dog started barking and I immediately thought it was a werewolf but it was a human female with very poofy curly hair. It reminded me of the scene in Zootopia where they say not to touch the lamb’s hair. So maybe the rabbit and the fox can’t touch a hair on the lamb’s head? Or maybe her hair is just poufy. In any event, there was no werewolf. She walked the side fence similar to the one next door to my current place. There is a curly-haired male there so maybe a relation.

The dream shifted again and I was at my parents house in Oak Harbor or one like it. There were some people over looking to buy something and I had to leave. I got into a keyed access green faux drain cover on the side of the house to grab a car key. I then saw the people staring at me and I was nervous that they saw. I didn’t think anyone else saw but my step-dad and grandfather started asking them questions. My grandfather had my father’s old orange vet in the very clean garage but it was only the shell. He might have been repainting it. The man asked if that was his and he said yes and the man asked how much something like that ran? I didn’t hear the answer.

Then the dream shifted to an airport. A former co-worker (R.H.) was needing a ride to the airport. He was in a black sweatshirt and blue jeans but had no luggage. On the stairs he fell and looked defeated. I must have been with my sister or my son because we just stared. Other people tried to pick him up and he blew them off. He wanted to get up when he was ready. So he did and then we continued to his gate. I think it was 626.

Next, I was at a hair salon or some kind of nail/facial studio. Everything was fine until Ro or a sister/friend talked about wanting to do something to my feet to help and a worker said I’d be taking money from them since they offer those services. I was scheduled for a facial there. And when the person I was with offered to give me a facial for free, the worker became agitated and said I had facial scheduled for the afternoon.

Finally, what I can remember is that I needed to use my sister’s phone. It was in a hot pink large rubber protective case. Like dildo hot pink but in the texture of the protective covers you take outside when your phone is going on a hiking trip with you. I can’t remember which one it was but it feels like it was Ashley, even though I am picturing Amy. Anyway, I was concerned about getting it to her.