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When he took the powers of divination from me (which he can not take and which were feminine so against his nature), there were several looks into my future. Only some of the paths I remember.

Natalie and Ron giving me a burned out volvo in the middle of the desert and then laughing while they walked away.
Ron getting a condo for me in Reno and then marrying Sadie.
W. in an apartment, not wanting to see anyone and me placing a small skull cup in a cabinet in the living room.
W. passing and only leaving me the glass hearse (the one I said was my dream hearse), my shawl, my mask and his most precious possession- a wire structure he and his son had worked on. But then his son guilting me out of it by saying it was the one thing they worked on together and his father treasured it. The hearse I used to drive went to his son as did our house and even a monster magazine I had sent to him (but now haven’t).

In another, I moved in and his son burned down the outbuilding that had my art in it. That really could have been because his father vehemently hated the art or the artist or the son was mad at me. I can’t remember.

The issues we are currently having was in one but I can’t remember it. Somehow it is a harder path but turns out better than any of the others.

W. and I going to PA due to b-face passing and having to deal with property left to him.
Me going to NOLA to check out a bar/restaurant my family had left me.
My little needing to be careful of family, baseballs and martial arts.
Myself needing to be careful on the streets of Mexico and in boats.
Not to move to LA or Arrowhead. Everything was just so completely bleak.
And me selling my books, site and basically identity for money and stuff only to end up in the Beaverton condo with that younger guys isn’t happening. One, his gf is ugly. Two, I am not going into anyone’s shell. Three, I have no interest. In no particular order.
and to all of that, I say no.

One night at Gold ‘n Silver, I did a spell to see my future child, he “appeared” and he said his name was Ninor. (Ronin backwards). There was much he could not tell me other than I would go to graduate school in Reno because I could not keep away from my soulmate. He said he was only safe with me and wanted me to stay single. That call to be with my soulmate in Reno has not materialized. I would consider it economically but…

What else can I say….
Check your pupils.
I saw the image in one.
I know you are who you are without question. And everything else is without question too.
You made my day.

We waited a long time for this and all their icky fingers got into the mix before we had a chance. When this rectifies, those that laughed then will be crying.

And if you did not get your hair back from that mask or head you made for him while in school, when the teacher laughed and said you really went all out or however she put it, that is how they are still casting against you.

And HC was heard saying, “I am not sure why they want ‘her’ to be bald.”

Cut the strings in the aural space above and around your head and then body.

There was an agenda that now is stopped because that group did not follow through but you may feel called to certain things that are not you and are not in your scroll because Papa Lee might have hopped in and never left and he scares easier than you so you might have to help him move on. Remember who you were. Also, know that D, B, Lori/R and TK are all working for a certain objective along with Z F K. Any new is too good to be true. Drop the four-ringed circus or you will be sucked dry in more ways than one. Take the supplement, not the drug, but only under parental guidance. Ask BW about it and he will tell you the truth. When in doubt, find your friendly mortician for guidance.

Le’s see…what else could I add…oh at your celebration, Ron and Sadie were there…so was “I.” Sadie has no good intentions with you and neither does he. Watch yourself. You are surrounded by Cranes, Trojans and Spartans. Don’t trust the Putnams or Porters. And when you went to the car show and couldn’t get in, it was my idea to tell him to give you the badge because everyone already knew him, his car was there and they knew what he looked like so he didn’t even need one. Then you could look around at cars and bring it back to him.

Other proof–near Nob basement had room for 4 to rest comfortably, 2 “bedrooms” and a not really working bathroom/storage space. The curtains might have gotten pulled down during an argument and someone hid behind them.

Hallway table right hand drawer.

I made the scrapbook. I had to “travel” for the urn and shrunken head. I told you the pipes were from someone that they weren’t.

Nude male model and how you said you met but we know how she was making her money. Same as Lori and Phyllis (Calling yourself Pearl now?? Weird. But pearl cast before swine, right? PCBS/C PBS)

 The two sisters eating “cupcakes.” Roman P.

 (Do you know the cost of tea in China? It’s free. They won’t drink the stuff. It’s advertised to sell it to people here. Oh you saw it? Did you really? Next time see if they’ll let you drink out of their cup. Guaranteed it’s not tea.)

Messaging to “humans” on the radio.

 Source your music-no tv-music prior to backmasking (but they don’t know digitally remastered includes it).

Blood countess fight. First I posed on your “bed”. Then she did. Then there was propaganda.

Broken bed.

Lighting of the candles for A.Lv.

Another thought he could erase me. He can’t. Now to all who knew then, it has all come back.


P.S. I know it was not your world and it was out of your element. You may not know what I mean by this right now but I am so flippin’ proud of you and I love you so completely and so very much. You did jump in. From shaving your head to that beautiful, dumb Santa costume you picked up when you asked me how people even celebrate, to everything I did not see or cannot remember. He may never understand why you were that way but if he only knew what you had to overcome and what you had to fight daily and how lucky he was, he would know how much you love him.