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Gold ‘n Silver (and more)

Back in the day we took offense to humans and others having fangs and we would remove them.
At my selection, because of this, my tooth was also broken. This affected my fangs at the time.
So let’s just get it straight. The broken fang is on my left. Today I saw someone with a cap fang that would then make their left human tooth look broken or give the impression of a broken side. My broken tooth is also at an angle and it impacted the bottom as well as the top.
Now the fakes and frauds know.
I am not stating that this person is a fake or fraud but they do align with Persephone and Kore so….human.
I am also not saying the tooth/fang is fake. That could literally be her tooth. However, if not, placing the cap on the opposite side does not somehow make it less offensive or stupid. Also our fangs do not look like that 24/7.