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A memory came back to me of being in the desert. I am not sure who was with me other than there was a significant male with me. Someone had bongos and we were out there playing music and dancing. We had peyote or weed and maybe mescaline but I didn’t do drugs so who knows if we had it for a religious or ritual reason. The next morning we watched as a sidewinder made its way down a dune and we might have chased after it or I was being chased by it. I am guessing it was chasing me because it was super fast and coming straight at me from the top of the dune. The guy I was with was yelling at me to try to run to the side instead of straight down because the sidewinder was being super aggressive and flipping and throwing its body in the air to try to get me faster. Charmed?

I guess it could have been a dream or some dimensional travel.

These are the moments that I wish I could recollect better but at least it is something.