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Let’s just call it a fictional dream moment.

From Gold ‘n Silver-Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Oh my.

Back in ’91-an old country concert with Pepeu, Gypsy Ravish and Two Witches.
The same year it was given, it was ripped away. We were threatened by the religious and the supposed Christians. Pepeu’s daughter was quite a success at the change. The Catholic priests wanted the transformations to stop. Was that just for me? Did it even happen? Where is my money that you took? Where are my houses that you stole from and lived in? My mate? My belongings? My memories? You are all from the Ministry of Thieves and Liars. Cowards. Imposters.  Well, save your threats, I am not afraid of what others know or don’t know. I don’t care what they see. And the humans wanting to be “touched,” gifted and worshiped-um, no. Everything they agreed to over the “serpent” bites, magic and threats-I say no. Here is the line in the sand. I would advise you not to cross it or me. I am not who I was. I won’t accept any of your violence, demands, offers or crumbs this time. Save your excuses, apologies and sob stories. I’ll do the same.

I don’t care about the “ghosting,” “gaslighting,” or other petty games you humans and hybrids play. I don’t care what pure joined in. They are lost. All your chatter and mimicking. Yet who have you all been copying and pretending to be? Now you will have to discover your true selves. I am all original and cannot be imitated. And why would you want to? We have nothing in common. These systems are not compatible. We are not compatible. Keep your gossip and judgement. Your words and actions will not impact mine. I don’t answer to you or your god or your religion. I am not here to impress you or serve you. I bow to none and never will. I am exactly who and what I say I am. I don’t care what you hear or observe. I don’t care if you remember something differently than I do. You are part of the reason I cannot remember. You helped create the conditions I am in. Now I will improve my life and begin a new way. In the past I did not have human friends or lovers (to the best of my ability) for a reason and I never will. Human is human.

I don’t care about the high emotional intelligence of your supremacists or cult members.

It is great how much you have or how you earned it or how big a fool you think I was or how talented you think you all are or how smart or your whole shock and awe strategy. Your communities and groups are obviously eating away at you. I see nothing but aging and death while the humans are a mixed bag. Most are low energy and look like absolute crap. and those that look robust. Well-who is feeding on whom? That will change when they no longer have you. I don’t care which one of my loves you bedded or how great they thought it was or what horrible things are said about me or how you did horrific things to me or the innocent and vulnerable. I don’t care how diabolical, evil or innocent and holy you think you are. I don’t need membership into your system, groups or communities or for you to know my name. I don’t need your acknowledgement, memories of me or approval. This time it is done.

Enjoy your human spouses and human lives. There will be no return for you. Enjoy your cheating, random partners, orgies and serial monogamy. Enjoy mowing your lawns and counting your coins. Enjoy being their best friends and companions-like the kept pets you have become. Enjoy your human filth and their diseases. Enjoy your drugs and diversions. Enjoy your magick and titles. I don’t care what level of sorcery you made it to or who you are playing the game with. I don’t care about your plans to do harm. You haven’t cornered the market on revenge or causing pain. Enjoy your backbiting and becoming pathetically more like wodewoses and humans each day-cannibals of the flesh and spirit. You are ravenous with the decay of your comfort, but aren’t we all? Enjoy watching the end of your supernatural lineage and your part in the demise of our races.

I don’t care what my neighbors say or do. I don’t care about the snide human comments. Engineer yourselves. I don’t care which one of them sucked you or what parts of them you touched. I don’t care about their “gifts” or “abilities,” the time you spent with them or what you gave them or what you shared. I don’t care what you told trying to impress them or gain their favor. I don’t care who got paid to spend time with me or how you manipulated situations. Look back on your lives, your time spent. You won’t be back. And while you are at it, buy a mirror. Your reality is not what it seems.The power you think you have does not exist. The control you think you have is an illusion. Check your strings. I am but one being. How many of you does this take? Bask in how truly unimportant you are. Of course you find each other attractive and prefer each other. Go ahead and call me a freak. I am-compared to all of you. You are de-evolution. I am not what you are. I won’t be watching to see what you become.

If you choose to stay with the human(s) or be their allies, then that is your doing. There will be no fence straddlers anymore.  And, yes, it even impacts me to say so.

For those of my kinds, my protection of you will end. Your immortality and longevity will end. And I will expect nothing of you but what, if anything, I am owed from the past.

You will be human. Every. single. one. of. you. And then you will get exactly what you want and deserve-Eve, her children and each other.

All 8 billion of you or whatever that number is now.

Enjoy your chips and being tracked. Enjoy laughing at each other for entertainment. You are the new zoo.

I am on to new things and no, you don’t get any part of it. Whatever name you know me by, now you know I am starting my own system and it doesn’t include you. Go ahead and laugh. Who do you think started the one you are in now? Spoiler-it wasn’t any of you. You invaded my system. That will never happen again. I am now exclusive. You can’t reach this level and I am never again lowering myself to yours. You can’t join my club. Your system is now the baseline-the norm. You have become ordinary. I will not hesitate to protect myself and what I love. We will know abundance, good health, wealth, success, genuine magick, true love and all that is possible. Watch the decline of your cities, your states, your countries and your lives. Witness the work of your hands. More so, witness the power of your words. No abundance will be yours.

I no longer recognize the humans, hybrids, woodwoses or their allies. I no longer speak your names.

These 30 years have revealed your masks, not mine. I am who I have been. You have become all that you once hated. You are now one of the mundane, the simple and the sad that you once spoke so fervently against. But, yes, tell me more about your spouses, your children, your money and your tiny existences that have become all too human-just like you.

You got a taste of what was, and what could have been but will now never be for you.

Now you are the erased.

You are the forgotten.

Enjoy the memories. That’s all you truly have.