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Before the memories started coming back, I noticed that there were large gaps that I could feel in my skull. I had other people feel them and then felt their skulls and noticed a big difference. It would be another 2 1/2 years before any memories returned but I was concerned enough to go to the doctor. After a few visits of wondering about it, my doctor ordered x-rays to put my mind at ease.

The x-rays did not show anything but mentioned getting a ct scan to have finer detail (which I did not do).

Of course, I reported no trauma because I had not remembered anything at that time. Even now it would be difficult to explain what happened. How do you tell a doctor that your head was carved open so some lunatic in Utah could get her hands on your memories in order to write a book and so someone could have all of your history to impersonate you? And then a necromancer and others helped to seal it back up? It would be way easier to say I fell or hit something. At the time, I wasn’t even thinking that far. I just wanted to know why my skull felt like it had plate tectonics that were drifting apart.