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Really interesting figural candle burn.

The female figural candle was carved with my name and infused by me. The male was assigned a name.

The flames were fairly even but the female always retained some height over the male candle. The end burn was even and the residue left was the heart stand but there was lots of melting and drip-primarily by the male figural candle.

Both figures are hiding something. The male is hiding an actual female. The male had a female figure behind him as an almost Venus of Willendorf figure, as well as a large yoni shape. As the yoni shape was so large, I would interpret this either as the male has many partners/lusts after many partners or is an insatiable lust for the female. Given that it was distorted, he may have a general need for more sex and it is for a female counterpart/heterosexual union. The female figure had a phallus behind her. Given what I know of my own history, this is clearly an expression of solid sexual craving/need and is also depicting desire for a heterosexual union. There were hearts, a yin/yang type shape, lots of excrement coming from the male’s lower back (possibly regarding what he is hiding), and a some kind of bird between them. The only thing the female was hiding was the lingum.

One bit of caution regarding the yoni behind the male’s back is that it does end with a lingum and drop of semen. This could again mean that he is having quite a bit of sex and may have had or has an std. It could also mean that he wants to have a great deal of sex with the female and ejaculate in her-this would especially be the case if he has been having mostly oral sex or does not tend to ejaculate in his partner(s). There could be an expression of anal sex here as the opening is large and possibly inflamed but the shape of the wax is more of a yoni. The male could also be expressing that he does not like the amount of sex the female had or that other males have ejaculated in her. The phallus is flacid and has expelled the semen onto the ground so I would interpret this as wasted semen and that perhaps there are erectile issues. It could also point to the male being used and exhausted by others via sex magick. This is something he needs to be very cautious about. Finally, it could be that he is hiding having had/or is having sex with someone.

The male candle also appeared to have his testicles hidden behind his back. I say this because they corresponded with that region. While it could indicate a secret relationship with a male, I would expect this to be represented by a lingum/phallic symbol. So he is either hiding that he still wants young or feels emasculated in some way. Behind his back were also two possible fang drips with two small pools of blood at the end of the two long drips. This tells me either he is secretly feeding (which is not visually apparent or evident in the actual male), being fed on, or he has a very strong need that he is hiding.If this were not a joined figural candle, these could all point to things being done behind the male’s back but with the particular candle, it would point to him doing the actions.

The male candle also has more “walls” up and is taking a more defensive stance in relation to this union. Several swirls show up in the wax in frond-like patterns, and there is a crozier-esque hook in one of the burning wicks. As it continued to form, it took on a yoni shape while the male figural candle wick remained straight and phallic. This indicates they are divine sexual counterparts or, otherwise, a perfect sexual match for one another and likely meant to reproduce.

Both wicks ended up maintaining their distance but were between an eventual rose or flower shape created by the candle wax. This rose or flower shaped seemed to frame the couple in a continued and shielded or protected union. The male wick burned out first and was immediately followed by the female wick. Almost no smoke. There was minimal white smoke that went directly up.

In the photos, the female candle definitely has a stronger and more complete energy around it. The male seems to be “in his head” about things and is probably overthinking in order to avoid feeling any emotions or emotional attachment to the situation.

Some popping and something hit the outer west-facing room wall simultaneously with the popping and fizzing so there was one big thump for communication or confirmation of some sort. This wall faces the graveyard a few blocks away.

While I am biased due to it being my work, I try to keep an open mind in the interpretation. That said, if I was reading for anyone else, I would say that these are definite divine counterparts. The continued swirl patterns show me that this is a perpetual or soul relationship. The bird between could literally be the family name Byrd or a relation. It could also be a primitive goose, pelican or phoenix. The face of the bird is looking toward the female figural candle and is turned away from the male. If this is a goose, then that is a defensive posturing of a 3rd party trying to get between the two figures. Given that it is in the form of a bird and not a humanoid figure (such as the one the male is hiding, which literally has different sized breasts), this bird could represent gossip that is keeping the male defensive or being used to keep the female away. This is supported by the burn pattern on the candle where the male leaked wax out the sides of its head (near where the ears would be)-indicating that he is listening to other people too much or listening to gossip and it is causing him to be pulled in two directions (the leaks on both sides) or not know what to do. This means he is less self-contained, self-assured and self-reliant.

As you can see, the female figure contains the wax and the head portion expands. Interpreting this, I would say that that the female is not listening to the gossip or is expanding her consciousness. She is sure of her direction or choice. One could see the figure as the male releasing the gossip but I do not see that given the erosion to the figure by the wax. Whatever he is hearing is “doing his head in,” as some say. It could possibly be him releasing his teachings or thoughts but it is pouring down his arms from the neck region giving the impression that he is in an uncontrolled bleed-meaning someone is draining his life-force and it is likely the same person or related to the same person that he is hearing.

The bird could also represent that the 3rd party is not of the same “species” as the couple-meaning they do not naturally belong in the middle of the union. Something “unnatural” has interfered with this union.  Another interpretation for the bird could be a Lobi so there might be a female of West African descent or the use of voodoo. So this likely is also a general warning that magic is being used against the union, or against the female specifically, but I would definitely look to the voodoo or West African folk magic traditions as the source.

Outside of Sankofa depictions of chickens in their pottery, I do not see a chicken shape. I also do not see a vulture or hawk but there is the possibility that the bird is an eagle. If the figure is an eagle, this could still be a 3rd party trying to interfere or it could be that both figures are angels or winged creatures of some sort or an angel/demon is trying to come between them. Accordingly, this could represent Enochian magic being used against the union and, specifically, against the female.

With the corresponding/mutually matching lingum and yoni symbols behind each figure, this is also 100% meant as a romantic union. One could try to say that is all this union is sex, but there were so many heart shapes that I would disagree. And the yin-yang shape, with one side coming from each candle, shows me that this is not only a divine partnership but that the male and female truly balance one another. The rose or lotus shape shows me that this is an ancient and sacred union, which is underscored by the fact that the flower-shape is surrounding and protecting the wicks and is fairly even all around with the exception of a high wall that is protecting the male from behind.