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As I have mentioned in these other pages, watch The Last Unicorn to know the source of the mark that I had at my third eye which was smeared by, as I recall, Charlie. He didn’t want me treated as her/their slave when I am a goddess and a queen. If only my serpent King–my consort, my husband, my mate, my eternal–could see. He is my Aries/Ares/Eres/Eryx/ Erek/Erik/Irik/Urik (son of Llyr/Lur/Ir/Ur).

The mark, our mark, is everlasting and enduring. It is both as simple as that and so much deeper.

Held in the hand of Pandora/Aphrodite (later depicted as Kore/Persephone)

The Urlis-

(Symbolic of being the true vessel).


Kanes Ursu