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When looking at a video that Jim Jones did with another singer, I noticed that she had what looked to be removable prosthetic fangs. Just so you know, vampyre notice teeth. So an anomaly I found with her is something I also saw with Taylor Swift’s teeth. They both are clearly human but have weird canines that almost look like caps. The teeth are not caps though. It could be prosthetic fangs that she had filed down but also could be a genetic issue–either because they are related biologically or had a laboratory issue with the teeth as clones. If this is a common trait among clones, it will make identifying them much easier. And, yes, all of that may be true but in looking at Taylor Swift’s images further, other dental sleuths determined that she got veneers. So the mystery continues.

A surfer with the same last name had a similar issue. Elongated, rounded canines that look like caps but are obviously rooted.