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In the process of getting my memories back, there are certain events, moments, etc. that are not adding up. I left Nevada in 1993 so I had no personal knowledge of the events that happened. I had also stopped talking to any of the people who would have been involved. Before leaving the area, I had gone through a very painful reality check with a large group of local skinheads. I knew Justin Slotto. We both hung out with the same people back around 1991. And I knew Bree Carlson. We went to school together at McQueen in Reno. I have my diploma should anyone question if I was there. I worked at Toys ‘R Us briefly and then for Valley Bank. For a time, in 1991, Bree Carlson was also hanging out with skinheads. Bree and Justin did not go to the same school and he hung out almost exclusively with skinheads back then so how else would she explain knowing him? She was in the alternative scene but was not a hardcore punk and was not in the same circles as Justin otherwise. She is not a white-skinned woman but I cannot speak to how she identifies. This was not unusual for Nevada. The skinheads in the area were based mainly on working-class ideals and lack of opportunities rather than skin color and there were also many Hispanics hanging out with everyone also. One would not be wrong to say it was punk kids with shaved heads hanging out. That obviously started to change and so a group of us (including Bree) joined SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) and we would meet at the Gold ‘n Silver. That part of the story did not end happily or well for me.

But here is what I will say. Bree Carlson was dating Justin and that went back to 1991/1992. She was not just an acquaintance of his. I kind of had a crush on him so I know that part as fact. I am naming this not because I condone what he did but because she should be ashamed of what she did and what she didn’t do. I know her friends, family, and supporters will not like this post if they ever see it. And, no, I don’t care. She can tell her side of things also. Unlike William Metz, she still has that opportunity. And, unlike Justin Slotto, she still has standing and credibility in the community. Also, let me be clear, I liked Bree. I can’t say we were friends but we knew each other and she was very friendly and quiet, but fun to hang out with.

But Justin is in prison for life and another man is dead. Bree continued her activism. I saw her often at feminist rallies at UNR. She went on to live her life.

Neither William Metz nor Justin Suade Slotto got a chance to live out their lives and the one person they both had in common was Bree Carlson.

And before you start claims of slander, look at the article below. She tells the reporter herself that she knew both men. Why did no one explore that?

He might not care to talk about it, but one could certainly ask Justin about the nature of his relationship with Bree.

My upcoming story will be mainly fiction because of my circumstances and it will not include these events because I was not involved. But what is in the article below is about a silence held for over 30 years.

I could absolutely say I was a victim of this same place and time but that is not my motivation.

I am tired of the lies. I am done with edited histories made to show the obvious saviors, victors, and villains when it was never clear even back then.

This blog post won’t change the past or bring back William Metz. It won’t rescue Justin or stop him from doing something incredibly stupid. I really do wish someone had stopped him.

It is just me saying I did the math-her story and the reality back then don’t equate. At the very least, it looks like she was playing both sides and neither won. I wasn’t there for all of it, maybe things changed. These people did not end as my friends or associates, but I needed to say what I knew.

Bree Carlson