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Sometimes I am late to catch these kinds of pop culture moments but can Taylor Swift please just accept that she is human? She isn’t a biological witch but perhaps a human one. She had her teeth sharpened when they were correcting them but she did not shave the bottoms until later (see the celebrity detective link) She is playing at facial asymmetry when she is clearly symmetrical. The fake raise of the eyebrow. And then the swift imagery on the stained glass and cake-yes, it is her last name but she is no goddess.

(She is of the Douglas line. Guessing also of the Carey or Powell and Greer lines. Names that will come up in Baba Yaga’s Book club with some variations to protect the conniving. These, along with some other lines, are the usual and also Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania with the occasional Ohio and New Jersey. This only matters to me, the Scots/Irish and vampyres.)

Is Taylor Swift a Witch Now?

 I am no doctor so I cannot say surgery but definite contouring going on.Maybe she thought it would land her a vampyre but we have seen photos of your parents. All human.