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“I can’t wait to hear that he thinks you are great but he is going to have to pass because you are still Nicole.”

“Still Nicole? How do you even know what that means? I have lived next door to you for ten years and you have said maybe 5 words to me. And you have barely said more to my husband and child. You know nothing of me. And yet for how long have you been obsessed with me and my life? Dated the males who knew me? Tried to make the same purchases and walk in my shoes? I am no different to you than the mail sticking out of your mailbox. Of no importance to you so you fail to see that it isn’t even addressed in your name. So, I for one, am looking forward to hearing your list of grand accomplishments in life and how significantly better you are than everyone else. When the time comes, and we are hearing where you will be going next versus where I will be, go ahead and take that mouthy male who wants the pass with you.”