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I commune with those in liminal space sometimes.

My spirit guide said the root of health is in the feet. “By the time it gets to the head, you are too late.Then acupuncture is opening blockages. If you start in the feet, you are curing the disease before it runs through the body. Think of a tree. When the trunk or roots are ill, where do you see it? In the branches. The hands and the feet. Energy enters through your feet and exits through the top of your head.”

Then he said she was doing a foot spell on my eternal.

I have never heard of such a thing.

“The energy of the body moves in an elliptical pattern from the crown, around the body and back up through the feet. So if the body is healthy, it is a continual recycling of good health-regardless of what is going on around you. At least in theory. Now diabetics have problems with their feet because the endocrine system is damaged and their elliptical loop is toxic. So that cycle of disease and poison is just recirculating but, again, it is the root of the body that is sick but the branches are showing the disease. In this case, the root is the endocrine system.”

“Like an egg?,” I asked.

“Yes, but thinner.”

“Well, I have never heard of feet spells.”

He said the magic was coming from Africa or the Caribbean. “We don’t have fancy terms for our spells. It will mean, ‘Makes her sick,” or ‘Foot spell,’ and that’s how she is accessing him. Through tobacco, her smoke and his feet. Think about it, if she is smoking and he is around it, she just has to direct her will or incantation and he is absorbing the smoke, smelling the smoke, ingesting the smoke. Someone would make the cigarettes for her. She just has to blow the smoke and think the thought or say the phrase/word. It will be her catch-phrase. Something she says all the time that he won’t notice.”

“The feet spell would be at night or when he sleeps. If he drinks or uses drugs, then it would be when he is passed out. Maybe with a feather or a balm or even the cap of a pen or her finger, though that is rarer. She is drawing something on points that coordinate with his body. It could also be dancing. She would walk him in a certain pattern. I have heard of women drawing sigils within a shoe or underneath the shoe where he wouldn’t look. It doesn’t have to be permanent ink. She could use ashes or dirt.”