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There are very few situations in which an adult vampyre will find themselves without options or left with no choice.

I speak to the vampyre because the werewolves have wisely stayed away from humans. If that is no longer the case, then remember the true cause of the uprising.

You are laughing but they plan on flipping the script. No serial monogamy over lifetimes. No inheritances of human money.

The Sons of Adam gaining the final victory over the Sons of Samael. Bringing down the Morning and Evening Stars-the light bringers-the Shining. Removing all of your hope for a future. Making you slaves to the LDS and new ruling classes. They do not even want to be known as Mormon anymore because their experiment to change into supernatural beings failed. Now they will revel in their humanity and try to exert their dominance.

Watch the false. These are no children of God. It is not a religious battle.  They are the children of Adam and Eve. It is a battle for power, money and titles. Among the only human, they will reign unquestioned.

Witches and non-Christians, be careful. The pendulum is swinging right under your noses.

Someone must have used movie titles at one time in operations because they are calling it Victory of the Planet of the Apes and Caesar’s Revenge. *MacDonald* *Simian Flu*

They have been reporting all of your activities to the government. All of your friends and lovers are chosen for you. There is no serendipity or synchronicity in this. The human females want your money and are eyeing leaving you penniless or dead and then walking off with human males.

The fall of the mighty vampyre and wolves.

Get pre-nups. Do not breed. Watch your food. Protect yourselves.

Are you really happy? Ask questions. Don’t hide.

Do not take a knee.

We are all the experiment.

I was lured. Look for signs. Trust the least human of your own.

You are not their puppet. If you want to be human, that is fine. But don’t be their pawns or victims.

Remember who and what the fuck you truly are.