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I was thinking about the Salem Witch Trials today and wondered what could have sparked the Putnam hate for the Porters and possibly the Proctors. One thing that came to mind was their name. It is of English origin from the region of Puttenham. In Old English, Putta means “Kite” (bird) and Ham means “homestead.”  but the first part of it comes from the word Putta. The second part comes from Ham. This could be in reference to the Biblical Ham-the son of Noah who was supposedly cursed for having witnessed or committed some great sin with his father.

But why would the Putnam’s pursue others from England to the Netherlands and then to the new world? Why didn’t the Putnam families just stay in the Netherlands?

This has always felt more like witch wars. But this video in the Merovingian context, is also very interesting in that the Arch of Constantine has pigs depicted. Druid and Phoenician priests were also known as swine. There was a swine-god named Moccus and the boar was said to be sacred to Diana.

Relating to the Tuatha de Danaan, the pig was the national symbol of the Gauls and on their coins.

 The swine versus the serpent. Also interesting in my history of others trying to take power, money and abilities from me.
Yes, processed food is disgusting but there is an even deeper meaning for vampyre and werewolves because they cannot feed naturally with the advent of the additive.
23:53 this whole website is about revealing myself.
A name of a former teacher was Mowbray (related to John) and they have an ancient connection to a pork pie association.
Not sure where that rabbit hole was supposed to go but there it is.