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One year, maybe 2008 or 2009, the Olympia International Film Festival was showing Glory At Sea so Karin and I went to see it. Showing along with it was a movie about blood. Just blood. In the past, that movie would have moved me far beyond the Katrina film. I would have seen it as pure poetry-an ode to life. Instead it started to nauseate us. Karin and I had a nasty habit of finding things terribly funny but this moment was not. The filmmaker was seated near us, and so were his parents. Some of the humans walked out. Karin and I made comments but we stayed. I saw him and his parents look at me but I was in the sleep-nothing could be done. I didn’t remember. Now I feel horribly for it. I wish Karin had helped me, as I am fairly sure she knew what was going on.

I contacted the venue and asked for information on the film and the director/creator. The first e-mail response was they could find no information on the film. My second request was ignored. If that same movie were seen today, I would be proud to know him. He is an artist. I would congratulate him and his parents on his work. Every beautiful second would have been slowly savored–not endured.Around the same time there was a talk about vampire lore. The man talking to us mentioned vampire biting the inner thigh of a victim. In real life, it is one of the most erotic and incredible experiences one can experience in a bite/kiss. However, again, Karin and I were enjoying our bubble and laughed as I slapped my inner thigh quite loudly. He was visibly upset and stared at us. Now I would apologize. It was rude of me and, of course, a subject I take quite seriously. Our lore is precious.

Also unknown to me was the Temple of the Vampire headquartered nearby. The soul coma was a complete mental block. In retrospect, I should have fought them with everything I could as they tried to take everything I had.