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If there are latter-day saints, how does one become a modern Mormon saint?

I found the requirements on their web page.

Just in case you are interested in becoming saintly (be warned there are a lot of them), here is the link:

Again, I think pretty much all Mormons are now saints so don’t go expecting to be THE Saint Anthony or THE Saint Teresa. The Catholics also have those names locked up so try to come up with something unique. Maybe a cool retro-modern tag like Saint Eviticus Diamond. Or try a random name generator.

The good news about becoming a Mormon saint is it looks like the martyrdom requirement is waived. Also, you don’t have to worry about performing miracles or re-creating said miracles for witnesses. Unfortunately, there is some bad news. It does appear that you have to give all you own and have to God. Apparently he lives in Salt Lake City, at an address suspiciously similar to the LDS Church Headquarters. I would question that one.