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Wendy Darling

Recently, I noticed that some clans of MacAlpine added a dragonfly to their heraldry. That got me thinking about what it might mean.

To see how this might relate to my stories and past, I had to do some name/word association.

The “face” of the dragonfly somewhat reminds me of the “creature”/shape in the brow/mid-forehead of this male (taken from a vintage postcard).

Specifically, the MacAlpine heraldry containing the dragonfly states it is the “Darning Dragonfly.” The Darning Dragonfly is also the state insect for Washington State (which is home to some of my family history and Whidbey Island).

The insect’s order of Odonate is quite close to Odin but also has similarities to Adan.

In the term, “odo,” there is references to rivers (just as there are with Eve and her later embodiments). There is also connections to the eye, pigs (which were sacred to Druids), and the “people of the stairs.” And there is a reference to “tooth,” which could be animal, woodwose, vampire, or werewolf-lots of animals would fall under “odon.”.

The term, “nata,” refers to milk and cream or a female child.

Ata can mean anything from father/grandfather to servant or person, to multiplying. This is of interest in relation to the story of the frost giant and his granddaughter being Nal.

And what about vampire ties to ducks? Perhaps it was part of the meaning of “ata.”

The dondo is a West African talking drum.

How does this tie back to Eve? First, we have the repeating theme of “lady” or “mistress” like we have seen with Artemis-“Mistress of the Animals”-among others. Of course, Eve (and any of her embodiment/variations/incarnations) cannot be a mistress in the marital sense since she took an oath of chastity (in all forms-including thought) and to remain unmarried for eternity to avoid being destroyed by God.

Since she cannot be married and, thus, not mistress of her own household, we have seen Eve embody the essence of the goddess Hestia-who keeps the hearth fires and tidy the home and altars for Zeus.

And the connection to Wendy Darling?

The story of Artemis is related to that of Adonis. Adonis was the child of Myrrha/Moira and Moira happens to be the middle name of Wendy Darling.

Since Eve, Eva, and Ava also considered themselves river nymphs/mermaids, could this also possibly be a possible origin of the Murray clan name?

It is the assertion in my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, that Adonis was not the child of Myrrha but actually her step-child and was actually the child of Aphrodite. Eve had murdered or tried to murder many of Aphrodite’s children while acting as a step-parent (the original evil step-mother trope).

Her other middle name, Angela, means “messenger of God.” Which angel was considered the messenger of God? Gabriel.

It was in Rushdie’s Satanic Verses that he postulates Muhammad received a false prophecy from Gabriel when he is told that the people must worship a goddess and her two sisters. Aphrodite is a triple goddess, not three separate individuals as “Gabriel” says should be worshiped. I instead believe it was Eve trying to gain worship for her, Ava, and Eva as goddesses.

Hermes is the messenger god for Zeus but is known as a trickster. He is a master whisperer and teller of lies.

Remember, Satan is known as the accuser. It could be that Eve was the one even tempting him as Samael or it is Adan who becomes the being known as Satan and is distinct from the one known as Lucifer. Gabriel is said by some to be brother of Lucifer. The other is Michael.

Wendy Darling also has a brother named Michael and the other is John.

In the gospels, John is given to Mary by Jesus and she is told that John will now be her son. John was one of the apostles not martyred.

Some faiths do not agree that Gabriel was an archangel or even an angel at all.

This reference to “merchants” might also be tied to the fall of the Merovingians and the rise of the European human merchant classes but that is for another discussion. Did the Merovingians fall because of a lie or some rumor?

Throughout Peter Pan, the Lost Boys call Wendy their “mother.”

(And to take this even further, the mates in Vampire books are often either an Eric/William or Edward.)