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Viroconium Cornoviorum

In some languages, Corno means “horn,” “goat’s horn,” or even the Dogwood Tree. One of the trees I have a particular reaction to is the pollen of the Dogwood.

Also of note is that the root of KilSpel (Kille) is the root of the real family name. It is Scandanavian for “child” or “young of the goat.” However, it is also the root of the word, “killer.”

I also see similarities to Corvinus and Unicorn. Corvinus has the same Latin root as the word meaning, “raven.” The original family name does have some reference to a bird’s beak or pecking.

Within Uriconium, there is also “Ur,” which was an ancient city that in my books is home to werewolves and the great uprising.

The Latin word, “viro,” also means “man.” But the possible meaning relating to “virus” has ties to Eve as it can also mean “slime,” and my theory is that she began as a type of slime (mold or otherwise).

Conium is a type of hemlock. The methyl derivative of the spotted hemlock, known as coniine is a narcotic and sedative. The word sounds quite similar to “canine.”

Based on these words alone, Viroconium Cornoviroum sounds like a pack of human magicians or humans led by a magician or witch.