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Vampyres & Human Intelligence

When one generally speaks of “humankind,” it can be argued that this is to differentiate humans from animals. Although, there is no primate kind or mammal kind, or spider kind. So perhaps it is not meant to differentiate from mere animals. The same is true when one thinks of human intelligence. Is this to differentiate human intelligence from animal species intelligence? One of my arguments for the existence of other “kinds” is in the creation of the Human Intelligence Agency (HUMINT).

Why differentiate human sources of information? Where else would an agency obtain it? What other kind of source would there be other than human generated-even if the medium is electronic?

Yes, I hear the arguments about AI but artificial intelligence is not likely supplying independent information to intelligence officers. Most electronics-including AI and computers-are still primarily data in and data out.

Also, the National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) stopped operating its website in October 2021. And the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office is housed in the Department of Energy of all places.

So outside of AI or extra-terrestrial life, I would argue that the reason for the distinction is that there are other sentient humanoid beings on this planet which include the vampyre and werewolves. Otherwise, these bureaus should just be called Intelligence Agencies-regardless of where the information came from. However, if these agencies are dealing with non-human beings, then to make such a change would be an insult.

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, I was part of cutting-edge experiments originating out of Virginia that included telepathic communication, dream state, and “hopping.” There were also a number of ritualistic killings going on and I was brought in on some of the more difficult cases. One involved three young killed ritualistically. It would turn out that one was from a witch line, one from a vampyre line and one from a known wolf line.

Psyops was (and is) absolutely performed by the U.S military, intelligence officers, and even private contractors. To some extent, that is exactly what gangstalking is.

While this article goes into detail about using the myth of the vampyre to scare off troops as a psyops exercise, I would argue that vampyre and werewolf were engaged in their true form as well and assisted in developing the idea of using folklore in a military tactic.