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Tlaloc and Lulach

It may not seem like a king of Scotland and an Aztec god would have any similarities but, in a way, they do.

First, their names are spelled nearly the same way. If the “T” is dropped in Tlaloc, one is left with Laloc and Lulach.

Lulach’s mother was possibly a Pict or of their clan and the Picts are from the merfolk. This would, as detailed in my books, lead them to being of the line of Aphrodite. Tlaloc was also associated with water, fertility, and war-much like the goddess.

Part of Lulach’s name is Coemgain. The last part, “gain,” could also be spelled “gein” which is associated with “humin” and “being of the earth.” Tlaloc is also said to mean “of the earth.”

The life and fate of Lulach are also a bit of a mystery. He was the step-son of King MacBeth but there is no mention of who his father was. Stories say that he was only king a few months before being executed but there whereabouts of his grave are unknown.