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Three Sisters

As I assert in my stories and social media, the characters found in different stories are actually the same people at different points in time. An example of this is Harry Potter and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Both lose their parents in accidents and both feature the Three Sisters.

Harry Potter’s parents were James and Lily Potter. These first names feature heavily in modern vampire literature, as do the first names of Sabrina’s parents-Diana and Edward Spellman.

In my family and story, Jane Roe and her husband John were lost to an accident in South Africa.

While their identities have changed with time, in my stories, the three weird sisters are Eve, Eva, and Ava.

In King Lear, one of the king’s daughters is named Cordelia. This is also the name of a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I also assert in my writing and novels that many of the male leads where there are two male vampire love interests (such as Bill and Eric, as well as Spike “William the Bloody” and Angel are actually one vampire). These are specifically in relation to loving and desiring a mortal or half-mortal who is otherwise not tied to vampires or wants to kill them.

And as we see, there is generally a darker- skinned sister,  a red-head, and a brunette (or black-haired). Occasionally there is a blonde who falls outside of the group or her “coloring” is absorbed into the group by one of the others dying their hair and so she takes up the other hair color.

In Harry Potter, you see the Black family and the reference to Roses (Rosier).

Sidenote-Death Eaters sounds quite similar to the term for the Underworld’s Death Dealers.

My family has the Black line by Blood and the Le Strange lines by marriage.

A primary symbol of my vampyre and werewolf lines is the rose.

Within Harry Potter, there are also references to Luna, nymphs, and Delphi.