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The N/achten

The information in these pages is how I identify. This is regardless of whether others agree with me or believe me. I am sure there are lots of questions. How can you claim to be so many things? I have been alive a long time. Why can’t we be what you are? Because you were not born that way. I was. It is my birthright. There is no historical account of anything being what you are. I have presented historical context and mythological information to show the evolution of who and what I am. I do not need to prove myself to anyone. However, there are plenty of fictional accounts showing all or parts of what I am saying-even if people did not realize it was the same person.

As my memories return, it may be that I discover I am a Sephiroth as represented by the 10-pointed star. But what I know-

1. Vampyre

2. Werewolf

3. Angel/Daemon/Seraphim/Cherabim

4. Claire/Psychic/Medium

5. Mermaid

6. Djinn (Witch/Sorceress)

7. Alien

8. Goddess

(There is a Nocten people in South America. They are also known as the Wichi.)

I chose Nachten because it means people or beings of the night. It also contains the word “acht” (oct) meaning eight.