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There have been many races that have come and gone from the Earth over time. Because of this, people have confused werewolves with what were the dog of Sirius or dog-headed people. From the people of Sirius came the foundation of the civilization of Syria. In my story, the werewolves (and some vampire) at odds with the dog people. The dog-headed people have convinced the humans that they are the chosen and their leader is the true heir to the earthly kingdom. Not many humans know that the dog people are not actually cannibals but feed on the flesh of humans and other kinds. Eve, as Mary, supports one of the dog headed people who is incognito (named John). John is believed to be the one known as “Beloved” by Jesus but that is actually Mary. She has convinced both Jesus and John that they are Sirius and the rightful heirs to the throne of man and that she is The Bride (Canopus)-the mother/sister queen. It is only when Jesus is sent for crucifixion that he realizes her betrayal. He is later consumed as the “lamb” to complete the ritual. But, in fact, Eve knows that none of that is true since she is not a werewolf and cannot be a werewolf.  She calls herself a she-wolf to try to align with the myth. -Nicole Anstedt

Sirius is known as a “dog star,” so how do we know it does not refer to the dog-headed people or perhaps a jackal, coyote, or fox? The ancients had the same confusion and many were able to make the case that it did not refer to wolves at all. As the stories began to be altered and rewritten, some even said that the true heirs were humans with wolf or dog totems and not the “mythical” werewolves or dog-headed people.