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Secret Signs & Gestures In Art-


The wealthy collect art for many reasons. One is that it tends to appreciate and is a relatively good investment. Another is the simple appreciation of the art. A third is that knowledge is power and many art pieces contain secret information.

However, in my book, The Goddess Aped, Jesus is a part of the Aphrodite bloodline so the snail would represent her origin from the sea. Whereas the knight with the body of a Siren or perhaps Lamia was fighting or hunting that bloodline and its allies.

To try to assert that there are no hidden gestures, signs, or symbolism in art is simplistic and a state of juvenile denial. During many points in history, people were living in times of persecution and art was a means of communicating messages that would otherwise be dangerous. Secret organizations existed. Even the wealthy patrons wanted to convey messages among each other.

If the Lombards were depicted as snails, it may be a hint at where the bloodline moved to.

A key would be finding the group(s) that used shields with human faces. Or perhaps the knights are using human beings as shields and the true enemies of the snails are not human.