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Ruthenia is the original name for the region of the Ukraine. I could simply give a retelling of Ukranian history and leave it at that but in my book, The Goddess Aped, Eve leaves the Levant for Europe to track down Aphrodite and lay claim to any of her “power” or ancestral lands.

So my emphasis here will be where the name Ruthenia might have originated, how it ties to Eve and what it means for the Vampyre and their kindred.

For those who read my book, Gold ‘n Silver, there will be a striking similarity found in my interactions with Eve and those of Ruth in the Bible.

There is also a connection with the name Shanha and the mythological Red River of China. As, unknown to me at the time, Shanha was plotting against me and was a “daughter of Eve” (doe).


Also in my book, Gold ‘n Silver, there are similarities between the type of magic I believe Eve (also known as Ruth/Reva/Reba around this time) created and how she created a child with the 80-year old Boaz.

Boaz being nearly the same age as Joseph, it may have been the same person but that is a theory for another time.

Just as she helped to create Judaism, I believe Eve helped to create Obeah/Obeye (named after Obed) and Voodoo.

If modern Irish are descended from the Milesians, does this mean that the Milesians are also the Basque and Galicians? This further makes sense since there was a Western and Eastern Galicia (also known as Red Galicia). Western Galicia was Iberia (Spain) and Eastern Galicia was in or near present-day Ukraine.