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Rivers of

Scales and Time

Once I had a dream that I was driving around a curve. In front of me was a large body of water that looked like a lake. In the distance, I could see an arched concrete bridge spanning the two sides of the water. As I looked up, a rainbow appeared behind the bridge and I watched cars driving across. In that moment, I thought “that is where I need to be” and wondered how to get up there. My car plunged into the water. I missed the curve. While it sank to the bottom, I remember trying to swim to the surface. Then the dream ended.

There are magical places being lost to modernity. Perhaps my dreams were tied to those.

Or maybe it was just about getting to the other side.

In 2007, the Yangtze River Dolphin went extinct.

Unfortunately, the Yangtze’s Lake Tai, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, is horrifically polluted.

What city is near the Three Gorges Dam? Those familiar with Covid-19 will recognize the city of Wuhan.

In my stories, Eve, who was said to be originally from near this area again only destroys. Even with all of her money and resources, she set her sites on my locations rather than repairing her ancient homelands. She bought companies concerned only with profit because she was sure that all the degradation could be repaired or that she would escape the planet. Again, Eve will be proven wrong and her “virginal” image will not remain unscathed this time.

Another interesting bridge is the Stari Most-which spans across the icy Neretva River.