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Queens and Priestesses of Ur

It is within the archaeology and texts of ancient Ur that we find references to Inanna’s apples and a queen named Eris or Eres. Is this the same Eres/Eris that inspired the apple of discord story? And is this a tale of Sumerians versus Greeks or did the Greeks adopt these myths? Eris/Eres (also known as Nin) appears only once in Greek mythology.

Eris could also refer to a person from the region who was not invited or included in something but just as easily it could be the name of the region that was causing problems and this was illustrated or noted in the mythology.

There are several theories about what this object, found in the royal tomb at Ur, might represent. My theory is that they are the loops of eternity (similar to a figure eight) and may have been a gift. It could also represent a council/coven featuring 10 members, plus a priest or priestess. The 11th and 12th members may be represented by a “holy spirit” or other non-present member but “10” was important in the Babylonian counting system so it may also represent something with counting.