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Portugal Mermaids

As we have seen in my stories and on these pages, once more there is a mythological/folkloric character that is the “lady,” “mother,” or “queen.” This time it is Lara. As you will likely notice, there is also similarities to the name, “Hera.”

Eve had taken an oath before God that she would remain impoverished, humble, and chaste (virginal) due to her sin. Her role was to be guardian of her household and not seeking out prestige within the world. Eve, Eva, and Ava belonged to Adan. They were not to marry or remarry. This is the exact opposite of how Eve, Eva, and Ava have been living throughout their incarnations. While Eve cannot have the same kind of intimate relationships others do, she has absolutely maneuvered to live a life of power and economic luxury. Both Eva and Ava followed her example.

This is at least partially why they wanted to trade places with me.

Due to the influence of Portugal, many of their colonies share similar legends.

Unlike the story of the Little Mermaid, where the mermaid becomes a human and then returns to mermaid form, Lara begins as a human and is turned into a mermaid by the grace of a moon goddess. This is not the first story that is the reverse of that featuring the goddess. In these stories the human/humanoid is turned into a supernatural being.

One of those is the Hira (again we see  similarities to the name “Hera”), who is a human that turns into a serpent at 12.