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Some scholars believe that the Merovingians fell due to the rise or substitution of a merchant class in Europe. However, who were these merchants? Were they simply people who had gained money and power so the Merovingians fell to their collective guilds? Perhaps they were the humans that had been given the power by vampyric lords who were vacating their positions and power or had died off? The Novgorod region/reign has some ties to vampire lore so this could be a possibility. However, historical documents do not make the situation sound anything less than hostile. So could the answer be found in the etymology of the people in the surrounding areas?

When listening to a native speaker say Perm, it sounded like Purim or Purin. I am not sure if these terms are in any way related but it was an interesting catch.

So are there any correlations between Eve and this region? Perhaps. If that being is actually named Eve (which is in question as only religious texts point to her existence) and if her name truly means “living” or “to be alive,” then a possible root word of Perma has a connection.