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The words and phrase do not occur frequently but can still be found. I discovered a reference in a Vietnamese Christian song referencing the Virgin Mary and also in Roman village. In my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, the otrang are what the male and female called themselves. We were told that they were like us and here for the same reason. For us, it was as though our memories had been erased. By the time we remembered, the humans had arrived and there was seemingly no turning back. I cannot remember when I first encountered Eve but eventually there were three sets of us. Additionally, Adan had kept two replicates of Eve. During the ecclesiastical times, we referred to them as they called themselves- other angels or otrang. Secretly, we referred to them and humans as the vougo/vouga. Eve used this to align herself and her agenda with the humans.

We also found that while they could imitate us quite well, there was always something off about it. They could never quite take the same forms or perform the same tasks with equal ability. There were also instances where they could craft a duplicate of something we had or were doing but could not maintain the form.  I am not sure we ever discovered their species or where they were from but readers will see variations to ancient stories where twins are suddenly joined by one or two other sets. Where there were two people who first came to earth, the story will change to four,. Often the third set is left in the background or hidden.

Examples of how we did and might have looked are below.