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If Novara was spelled as Novarah, backward it would be Hara Von. That could be “Of Hara” but could also be the start of something like, oh say, Von Helsing-as in Hara Von Helsing. As I have said in my stories and books, Hera/Eve and her incarnations were the inspiration for many vampire-slaying characters.

A prominent family in that area was the della Scala family. One might think that their symbolism might point to being the divine bloodline (ladder to heaven/scales of justice/musical scales), but rather than ladder, I read their name to mean stairs. Then the symbolism takes on a different meaning in relation to the crucifixion.

Whatever their true origin or association, the line began to go extinct. And, if one were to believe there are secret meanings in the Bible, what could “scales,” “fins,” “cloven,” and “cud” possibly mean? The term “scales” could refer to those families or lines able to be tied to the merfolk known as the Shark People of China.