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A culture that refers to itself as “Naki,” is the Tanaki of New Zealand’s Maori.

The word, “nakhi” also exists in the Miskito language of Central America.

And there is evidence of cultural contact between Polynesian cultures and the people of what would become South America and Mexico.

Scholars believe there is similarity between the Maori language and that of certain languages of the Indian subcontinent.

And, of course, there is the Naxi tribe located in China.

Given similarities between Chinese art and that of early Mexico, it would not be surprising if there was an ancient trade route that ran through the Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific.

And given the similarity of the word, “naxi,” to “nazi,” the use of the swastika among these cultures and the retreat of at least 5,000 members of the Nazi party to Argentina, it makes one wonder if there is not a deeper connection beyond politics and if the use of “National Socialist German Worker’s Party” was a cover for deeper understanding of the interconnected cultures of the area and the true goal of their government and/or scientists?

Perhaps rather than truly trying to prove the Germans and Indians were from Aryan stock, the Nazi’s were secretly trying to prove they were not only the original inhabitants of Atlantis but the first of the human race on the planet and, therefore, superior to all other people, cultures and countries.