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Mycoidal Environmental Solutions

In my books, Eve and her human counterparts have helped create the environmental problems we see but she will also offer solutions. It is part of the same process of erasing the goddess and making her obsolete. This is not necessarily a problem for the goddess. Larger copper stores mean her power generation and conductivity remain the same or are improved. Not being worshiped or prayed to means there are not pressing needs for energy to be used. Essentially, the goddess gets to retire. All the benefits of the good life, without any of the responsibilities to people she doesn’t even know.

But that leaves humans with a potential Eve problem. She wants to be queen-of every country, every planet, every galaxy, and even heaven and hell. Just as with fungi, her need to consume knows no end. Perhaps to her, the idea of a fungus-dominated planet is an end-goal. She would be able to rule in her true form, or at least closer to it.

So how would Eve prove the value of her species playing a more dominant role? First, there is a mushroom and bacterial enzyme that can eat plastic. Now scientists have found a way to generate power from mushrooms. That is not to say there will not be ramifications from their use, but it is a possible immediate solution.

This sounds amazing. What could possibly go wrong?

The earth was not populated by giant mushrooms before trees. Mycoids must have a host so they could not have dominated the landscape on their own. That means this was not the mushroom or fungus planet. Those came later.

But what could happen if it went in that direction? Well, humans would die off but so would everything else-including fungi. The earth would become incapable, at least for the short-term, of sustaining life and, therefore, be termed a dead planet. The key has always been balance.