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These messages and visions are over 30 years old but I will try to remember.

Unlike my group, her ciphers are completely straightforward.
Valde is Latin
Buffalo/U/Valde (unfortunately the rest of the cipher is likely forthcoming)
Over 11 lost to be part of the message so Buffalo will likely lose one of the injured.

It was a pissing match and one team lost because they obeyed the wrong command.
You should have stormed the bldg. Tactical team with parents behind to pull everyone out.
Fire and medical on scene immediately along with armed response.
That’s the point. You can’t always follow the rules.
Her point? There is no benevolent god. Humans will only do the “right thing” when it serves them.

If this follows what she said, then one in each cardinal direction. So which directions are next? West and North?

It is going Deosil. Clockwise. Sun Wise. East to West.

Look at new Vampire book The Cardinals.
And the bird.

Look at the heat maps and follow the dots. The places that this is hitting are significant. Eve’s regions are not lit in red.

And Eve will be desperate for ideas. She had money-lots of it- but also a very extravagant lifestyle and wants to be queen. She was cursed by God and is supposed to be living a humble life of poverty as a virgin nun/high priestess.

If she cannot be queen here, she will want to be queen of heaven or hell and that requires my mate.
She has no soul so that cannot happen.

No one traded her places. Never will. Her word dictates nothing.
There is no fairy dust for anyone anymore.