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Mermaid Chair of Zennor

Reverance for mermaids is a relatively modern phenomenon. In the past, they were seen as creatures to be killed and/or exploited.


So in my books was the Mermaid Chair of Zennor reserved for a mysterious suspected mermaid to attend service? Hardly. In my stories there is no cushion on the chair. It was made to be uncomfortable and restrictive. The mermaid is caught or summoned (through an artifact and spell or threats to people in my bloodline), told to take the chair, was tied up, and forced to take part in rituals for the village. The seat was kept separate from the parish at their request (not that I cared). Often the ordeal concluded with the crying of tears of pearls or diamonds for the villagers to partake in (steal). The tears were taken by the wealthiest of the residents and also the church for repairs. It was only then that the mermaid would be released.

How did they get a mermaid in the first place? They caught her in a fishing net. But then how did they convince her to repeatedly come back at their summon? By threatening and capturing her young. They had grown more accustomed to humans and thought they were their friends-much to their peril.

Mermaids in form cannot last long out of water or even in man-made tanks so there is little one can do but comply.

This chair is different from the shell adorned throne chair that was located in the United States.

Does that mean mermaids and supernaturals were normally victims of violence by humans? Not always but very often. Human media attests to this as well. There was also confusion over my behavior and that of Eve, Eva, and Ava so I was often summoned or captured to answer for their conduct.

Again, the premise of my books is that these are all the same characters going by similar but different names during separate periods of time. This is why Robin Hood and Maid Marion also have a mermaid connection-as do other characters like Peter Pan.