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Merlin, Magick and Merfolk

My book, Auld, is one about the origins of the vampyre and other kindred creatures. How it starts with the archangel, Jophiel-who descends into the sea.

For the story of the vampyre is also the story of the werewolf, the magician and the mermaid. Are you really surprised to see the name Eric for so many vampire boyfriends when it is also the name of Ariel’s prince in the Little Mermaid?

Some may find this hard to believe but it is a constant re-telling of my story from a variety of angles and points in time. Not that these authors or creators had permission to do so but you will see the same names and themes occurring in various books across time (particularly 1991-2021) for a reason.

Even look at the name Meri and in how many languages it means, “sea.” It also means “deserving,” this has direct ties to my gifts and abilities-which should have never been taken from me. Does this mean a human can simply name themselves or their children Meri and receive the same gifts and abilities? No. But trust me, they have definitely tried throughout the ages. At the Crucifixion, there were no fewer than three Marys ( true spelling unknown) present and all of them claimed ties to Jesus. The name also came to be translated as “pretty.” so it would obviously be a popular female name but that does not mean they are the rightful owners or possessors of my gifts and abilities.

And this does differ from Miriam, which means “bitter.”

So what does that have to do with Merlin? First, let’s look at the etymology of the name. again, we have “Mer” (sea) and “lin” (can mean candle or lake).

Mermaids have certain attributes shared with vampyre. Where did vampyre get these? As detailed in my book, Auld, from originating as mermaids. These mermaids eventually became unicorns as they emerged from the sea. And, as one might see in the book, The Last Unicorn, or even in the Little Mermaid, magic was involved in the unicorn/mermaid transformation into humanoids. But it all started with the fallen angel Jophiel (Lilith-Aphrodite).

Why the pop culture references in some of my links? First, they are relevant for seeing patterns of folklore and names being used. Second, I already detailed how a human was made administrator of the vampyre records. She breeched the system and, for a sizeable sum, she released our information to gaming companies, movie companies, scriptwriters, etc. Want proof? I don’t have it other than to say most of my story is centered around 1991 and that is the same year that a popular vampire role-playing game was released.

Now you know where and how they got their stories and mythologies. My hope is that a bulldog journalist will force the hands of these “creators” to reveal their true sources. Also, my fourth-grade teacher was Ms. Jane Hagen out of California-connect the dots. And if you follow my timeline to theirs, I married for the first time in 2004 and met my second husband in 2010. The outside timelines often match events in mine. It may seem farfetched but it is what it is.