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Margery Jourdemain

A family significant to my childhood were said to be of the Jourdemains. They had appeared to offer to bring me into their family on a couple of occasions but it unraveled or was a ruse. Thinking that I was going to be part of that family was one of the elements in the derailing of my process.

So who are the witch line of the Jourdemains?

In my books, Gold ‘n Silver and Battle Born, my initiation processes took part in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Nevada. Several things occur at a witch’s initiation. First, they are assigned a demon or familiar. Second, the witch that is tied to their family visits from the astral realm (beyond the veil) to confirm the relationship. I learned too late that Margery never appeared for any of the family that claimed to be witches in my neighborhood.  Finally, the witch must demonstrate latent ability.

Since my family had not shared any of my history with me, I didn’t know that other children were being indoctrinated and taught the histories from birth. This made me vulnerable to the abuses and manipulations to come. But, more importantly, it made me unaware that I was a progenitor and did not have to prove my lineage to anyone.

However, at my initiation, Alce Young claimed me as being part of her line through the Fortune/Huddleston marriage. The council deemed this insufficient as it was not by blood. I stood accused of claiming false lineage and ability. My particular abilities included by were not limited to mediumship, channeling, and necromancy. When I proved my ability superior to that of any of the bloodline/borne or human witches, I was called an alien and removed from the process for unearthly ability. I had been advised from that same initial family to not defend myself to the best of my ability. This was bad counsel. I was unable to defend myself against a multi-coven attack using a variety of crafts and traditions. My test was supposed to be based on the Wiccan tradition as that was my formal study. Instead I was attacked with chaos magick/ceremonial magick. Santeria, Voodoo, etc. I was seventeen years old. No adults came to my aid or defended me against the decisions. The end game they all had in mind became apparent.

There was later a split in the group between those being Christian, others maintaining the current traditions and many going on to the left-hand path.

I went on to continue my practice in the dimensional space, as well as on my own. In time, my mediumship and channeling returned.

Margery Jourdemain, auch Margery Gardemaine, wurde als Hexe von Eye Opfer einer politischen Verschwörung.