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Lost City of Irisagrig

There is huge money in antiquities so the trade among individuals is rigorous and lucrative. Museums and private collectors have certainly been in the mix for these items and it could just come down to money. Wealthy people also like to have unusual collectibles. They also like to own knowledge no one else has. As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” It is often also why the wealthy purchase antique books and art.

But any time there is a company or organization searching for or hoarding particular items and that group also has an agenda of some kind, one has to assume the relic or item is of some significance.

Since this was Hobby Lobby, one could assume the tablets were either bought as an investment, unique collectible, or for possible Biblical knowledge. Hobby Lobby’s founder had opened a Museum of the Bible so it would not be surprising that they were looking for items to exhibit.

Strangely, I have not been able to locate any further exploration or excavation planned to find more about Irisagrig or the significance of the tablets.

If there was a palace there, who did it belong to and where did they go? These are a people that kept detailed logs and receipts but simply vanished?

A Biblical Museum wanted these. They would be of no use in Bible studies if they just contained household receipts and, while the Greens may have lots of disposable income, that would be a big gamble to risk that kind of money on.

From my story perspectives, Hobby Lobby is owned by the Green family and possibly tied to Gael Glass. So what would they be looking for in my universe?