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Julio Cortázar

These real-life questions of blood and AIDS are quite relevant to his work since he also wrote about vampires. I am also particular to this author since one of his vampires is named, of course, Nicole.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Christabel deserves a second look in relation to Cortazar’s mention. First we have the words, “Christ” and “Abel.” Abel spelled backward is “Bela.” Bella and Isabella is a common name found in modern Vampire fiction, as is the name Nicole.

Could these all be related and perhaps the same people cast as characters over periods of time? In my books, the answer is Yes.

In Pierre Louys’ work, “Aphrodite,” the character Chrysis ultimately commits suicide.

There is also a brutal madame, named Bacchis, similar in nature to Frau Marta.

Shoulder readers assume then that Frau Marta is the famous Margarite that runs through vampiric literature and folk tales? No, her name is derived from Martha. And, as we see with the names associated with Eve, she is almost always referred to as “the lady,” “the maiden,” “the mistress,” etc.